Monday, December 19, 2011

Now is the time for CUPCAKES

About twice a year I make cupcakes for my co-workers. This time around I changed my buttercream recipe and so far everyone seems to like them. In fact...

When I left the cupcakes alone for 5 minutes to get a camera someone snitched a few. I take it as a compliment. :)

I'll bake a little bit more for the weekend, but I'm pretty much done. I like being festive but it's a lot of work for someone as lazy as I am.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching

You know, I keep telling myself that I'm going to get an earlier start on my Christmas crafting and I never do. Perhaps it's because I thrive off of pressure, so if there's no pressure I have no desire to work. Alas and alack!

Ichibancon is also around the corner, and (of course) I'm not ready. I won't be able to hit my costuming goals due to money. Straight up funding. I need 6 yards of black bridal satin and 4 yards of gold lame, copper sheeting, and random gems for one costume. Another needs 4 boxes of LED Christmas lights, 4 yards black cotton, tights, blah blah blah. I have the supplies for Amelia from Slayers and Clara from The Guide (but no wig) so I guess I'll go with those BUT I can't start them till next weekend. *sigh*

Why can't I properly use free time?!? WHY?!?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nashicon Picnic

The peeps at Nashi had a little picnic on Saturday. Originally I was going to wear Umbridge, but after finding out it was going to be cold (and it's a four-hour round-trip) I decided to just wear something comfortable. However once I got there not only was it GORGEOUS but there was a Griffondor in attendance. Moment lost. :( Ah well, it was still very much fun, and all the muffins I made wear eaten.

After the picnic we (Owen, Anna, myself) hit up Mellow Mushroom for pizza. The wait was worth it as the pizza was delicious, even after Owen knocked some of it over. *sigh*

I've started working on my costumes for Ichi, although I think I'm going to push back one of them. Three is a bit much considering I'm making most of my gifts this year. Speaking of, I'll be sweat-shopping it this weekend. Glad I have a comfortable sewing chair now....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roundcon 2011.1

Apparently I can't post anything in a timely manner. *le sigh*

Roundcon 2011.1 was on 10/21-10/23 in Columbia, SC. There were two this year in order to reset the time of year it's held. Previously the con was primarily gaming, but after some staff changes it became a mix of table top game (still the primary draw), video games, and anime.

There was a numbers issue due to tons of competition, but I'm fairly sure those who attended had a good time.

I once again headed up the costume track. I was once again forgotten about in the program guide. >_< *shakes fist at Sean* What's the point in giving you my profile if you don't put me somewhere. GAH! I have been promised (after several threats) that I will get a full page in the next guide with lots of glitter and ass-kissing.

I had a small group of people who were with me for almost the entire con. We had lots of silly silly fun. Friday night was a hair-falls workshop. Saturday was a mish-mash of cosplay panels, wig helping, and more silliness. The costume contest had a very good turn out and was the highlight of the con. Sunday I had an informal Sailor Moon panel, then headed home around 1pm.

I didn't bring a single costume. Because of that only a few people recognized me. Apparently wearing full Klingon gear leaves an impression on people. Ha!

My next con is Ichibancon on 1/5-1/8 in Charlotte. Even though it's only their 3rd year, it's already up to a 4 day convention. Hopefully the site is bigger because last year was a jam-packed mess! Anyway, I'm hoping to have something fun done in time. I'd better punch it because there's only 2 months to make 3 costumes, two of which are rather labor intensive. Gold Lame will be the death of me.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I haven't posted in month! Sorry! >_<

I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta last weekend, preforming with Last Chance Myu (Sailor Moon musical group). We had a great show! Below are links to our youtube videos. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dragoncon 2011 - In Review

I worked half a day, then headed home around noon to load up and roll out for Gail's place. The trip was mainly uneventful till I hit I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta. There was a big enough wreck that the police blocked off the interstate entirely and sent everyone on a massive detour. I felt bad for Wendy because she kept trying to call me when I had no service. I didn't help my sending texts about guys with banjos and bad teeth.

Gail and I headed to the Westin around 10:30. Check-in was easy as pie. We had two rooms. They were next to each other, but sadly we only had a king and one roll-away bed in each with . Yay air mattresses! I went to my staff meeting at 1, then joined up with the roomies for dinner at Ted's Montana. SO DELICIOUS. I had bison for the first time. :) I'm so glad my roomies and I do a dinner together every year. I have the best bunch of people!

I chilled at bit then went down to the Sheraton for my shift. First up was Guild Q&A, then working door for two smaller panels. Then back to the hotel for a small nap. Tohma texted a plea for help so I headed down to the Marriott with money for food. She and Angela were stuck in judging for the Costume Contest and they were starving. Morgan to the rescue! Bonus: I was able to be their handler so I got to go back stage and chill with the other contestants.

BUSY! First was the parade with Kim and Mitch, then a quick shower/nap, followed by a minor costume change. I wore a 3/4th Telma for the WoW Costume Contest and Darkmoon Faire. Both were incredibly fun, although there are many planning changes needed for the future. After the Faire was over I went to the Marriott for the 501st meeting with Kim, Mary, and Jada. I passed on the drinks though since I honestly couldn't remember if/what I had eaten that day. O_O I hopped in a cab to go back to the Westin because 1) it was late and 2) my feet were burning. *sigh*

This was the day I had the most free time, but the least energy. I didn't get out of the room till 1pm! I hit the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley, but that was about it. I found my roomie Wendy in costume and we chatted for a bit till I saw Tohma milling around. Her eye was hurting her and needed a little help. We ate lunch in a dark corner, then I helped her to find some of her other friends since our paths were splitting. I went back to the room for a nap since I was working a party from 8pm to 4am. SLEEP!

Monday: Aside from the massive amounts of awesome mentioned a few posts down, it was a fairly mellow final day. The weather was cloudy and spitting rain all morning. After a final track meeting I started back to Charleston around 5pm. Apparently there was a tropical storm moving through so there was lots of rain and nasty traffic to fight. All told I got home around 10pm. A five hour trip from ATL isn't too shabby. By midnight I was back sleeping in my own bed dreaming about what next year would be like. :)

All in all a FANTASTIC con. I really liked working the MMO track and I hope I can return to them next year. I know I've said that I want to make D*C an every-other-year event, but I honestly don't think I can. I love the con far too much to be gone for long.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I never in a million years expected the flood of visitors to my tiny little blog. To everyone who's stopped by, and to my new followers, thank you! I adore all the comments I've gotten!

I sincerely hope that think sticking around is worth your time. ^_^

Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Trek and Carrot Jockeys

I'm going to skip a TON of details because I was to get to the awesome that was my day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just keep reading to get to the good stuff. I'll explain later.

Today was the last day of Dragoncon. After checking out of my hotel I headed to the Sheraton where Wil Wheaton was doing a panel about his time on ST:TNG. It was FANTASTIC. He was hilarious as always. After 30 minutes there was a Q&A. I asked a silly question, and at the end I did a quick shout out to Jen from because I knew she'd be there. Not only was she there, but Wil mimicked my hello to her, which I'm sure make her turn beet red as she's a bigger fan of his then I am. :) It had the added benefit of letting me know where in the audience she was sitting. Luckily it was on my way back to my seat. After a quick fangirl moment she offered me her last Carrot Jockey necklace, which I accepted with glee. I put it on as soon as I got back to my chair.

After the panel I headed to another hotel for the Walk of Fame. I wanted to get Wil's autograph before I left the convention. As fate would have it Brent Spiner was doing his signings just across from Wil. I dashed over to get his picture for my collection. As he was signing he commented on my Carrot Jockey necklace. Here's our abridged conversation.

BS: What's that? It looks cool.
Me: It's a Carrot Jockey from Cakewrecks.
BS: I know that site. I like it. I need to get one of those.
Me: I don't think she sells them. Would you like mine?
BS: No, I don't want to take it if you can't replace it.
Me: It's ok! I'm just thrilled you like it, and I know the site owner would be just as happy that you wanted one.
BS: Ok, thanks.

Now I could be making this up, except I have PROOF!!

(btw he was talking when I took the picture. he was quiet happy the entire time I swear!)

I got a fist-bump from him, then headed back to my spot in Wil's line with the world's biggest smile on my face. While I lost my prized CJ necklace (you have no idea how long I've wanted one!!), I also gained a moment that will stay with me forever. Wil Wheaton is hilarious, but Brent likes Carrot Jockeys.

The End. ^_^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Business Cards!

First, a big hello to my two new followers! *waves*

I'm in utter shock at just how much net attention my little Portal cross-stitch has gotten. Nearly 3,000 page views! It's very exciting. As you can tell it doesn't take much to get me chirpy! lol!

Anyway, the whole point of the post. I ordered some new business cards today. With Dragoncon right around the corner I need something professional to give out. After my last post about working the MMO track I was asked to co-run the costume contest. I'm excited but a little scared. It takes me from being a big fish in a little fandom pond to a teeny-tiny fish in a MASSIVE OCEAN OF NERDITY. It's all about baby steps, right?

So there they are! I love the fact that they clearly scream "costuming!" without being childish or beating you over the head with the idea. Sweet and to the point. :) I should have them by the end of the month. It's only taking so long because I'm cheap! I'm planning on getting a cloth banner with the upper design later for my local contests. While this isn't an image only I can use, I'd like to think that few people will find it in the bowels of the internet like I did. *crosses fingers*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry I've been a ghost

With all my commissions, personal appearances, convention prep, press releases, and photo shoots I've just been so busy!!



lol j/k!! I'm a lazy so-n-so. My bf turned me on to Persona 3 and I've been playing the hell out of it. 130 hours and counting! Sure it does nothing for my e-peen, but I'm betting my 360 is happy to have a break.

I will be going to the HP7 release tonight in costume, which I'm looking forward to. I'll be wearing Umbridge for the second-to-last time (the last being the Dragoncon parade in Sept). I should be sad to see her retired, but that wool cloak is MURDER!

Before I go, please send some super-awesome net love to my bff Erin. She's going in for surgery tomorrow. It's minor, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve happy thoughts from complete strangers. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Small stitching project

This is a wedding sampler I've been working on for a friend. I thought I lost it over a year ago, then it popped up in a box it never should have been in. Thankfully it's no worse for wear. It's about 65% done. All that's left is back-stitching on the middle/right/bottom, but you can see how'd it look from the completed left side. It's a smallish piece, but there's TONS of decorative stitches. On the plus side I've had to do so many french knots that I'm finally doing them right! So practice really does make perfect. Go figure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Domo-kun Cake

I did this cake for a co-worker's son's birthday. It really shows that it's been over a year since I free-handed a cake. >_< The more I look at it the more I kick myself. However it's not too horrible for something I did without a battle plan. Next time I'm doing a frozen buttercream transfer. My bag control is awful!

Also, I forgot to take a picture till after I boxed it up, so it was shot through the plastic lid. Wee.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Promises Promises

Not dead yet, but goodness knows life is working on it. XD

I just realized that I mentioned a kinect workout game review back at the beginning of May. You would be correct if you said I haven't done anything with it...because I haven't. I blame work and LA Noire. *sigh* If they tied the foot-chase scenes with the kinect you can bet your sweet bippy that people would get up off the sofa.

Also, I hit 100% completion on the game last night because I'm AWESOME. And I'm apparently slightly OCD about my Xbox Live score. Go figure. Btw, if you'd like to add me my user name is morganskye. Add me and feel the love!

I've been gearing up for Dragoncon. I'm working the MMO track to save money. I also get the added benefit of making cupcakes for half the cast of The Guild. That's right! Wil Wheaton will personally be munching on my cupcake. Yes, I intended that comment to be dirty.

So anyway, I'm keen on D*C as well as my last two cons for the year. Now I just need to figure out how to make some scratch for the dealer's room...

Con schedule:
Dragoncon - Atlanta - Sept 2-5
Anime Weekend Atlanta - Sept 30-Oct 2
Roundcon - Columbia, SC - Oct 21-23

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just in case

I edited my Lemon post to include a sweet little chart freebie since I got so many requests. Feel the love!!

Anyway, comment either on this post or the lemon post and I'll send you a simplified copy of the Lemon Rant for FREE!! You have until midnight on 5/26. Hurry!

At some point I'll have a better version up with a boarder and more on Etsy. I promise it'll be cheap. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Portal 2 Lemon Rant Cross Stitch

Edit (5/23/11) - Several people have asked for a copy of the chart I used to make this. Sadly a lot of it was done on the fly, however I've been pointed in the direction of a free chart maker ( only does basic text). I'll need to chart it all out by hand, however the new version will include an optional lemon boarder. By Friday I'll have a version up on etsy, however if you leave a comment here with your email I will send you the simplified version FOR FREE. You only have until midnight Thursday (5/26) so get to postin'!

Original Post

I've been working on this for a few weeks off and on. It's simple, to the point, and perfect for daily re-affirmations about flaming lemons. I'll post a better picture when it's properly framed. :)

I made the text on then muddled through the lemon with a few online shots. It's done on 14 count for size...ok, that's a lie. I have 14 count lying everywhere so I figured I'd use it since this is such a basic project. That and 22 count would have been insanely small. XD

Click the pic for a bigger shot. Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Random sewing tip!

Making something that requires light boning but don't have any on hand? Here are some cheap alternatives that you might have lying around the house.

~Plastic milk jugs cut into strips
~Plastic straps used to secure heavy boxes (I'll be using these for a pair of arm bracers)
~Heavy duty zip ties
~Pretty much anything sturdy enough not to collapse on itself, but light and flexible enough to move with you!

What you shouldn't use
~Anything metal unless you want to soften the ends (for corseting they're dipped in a special melted plastic)
~Cardboard (it'll fall faster than a drunk girl's panties)
~Nothing. Seriously. If you're making something that calls for inside support then it NEEDS inside support! I know you're giving me funny looks, but you don't know how many times I've seen someone skip boning because they thought it would work.

Remember, boning isn't just for corsets. I find that adding a little boning to a set of arm bracers and boot covers really help with the look.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coming Attractions!!

I'm going to be posting a few work-in-progress shots of my current cross-stitch projects. Also I'm starting a 6 week review of the 5 available fitness games for the Xbox Kinect. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Con Fail

I won't be attending Hoshiicon. This makes me want to cry :(

I've been having back problems for several weeks now and it's only gotten worse. It went from 'ew that sucks' to 'OMG DOCTOR!'. So yeah, fun times.

While going to a con is always fun, it's the friends I'm going to miss most. I was going to stay with Marci (met her at Ichiban) and her sweet hubby, then see practically everyone from my usual con circuit. Cons are becoming giant reunions to me.

Anyway, my next con is Animazement in May. I'm going to go take some drugs now...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh Crap

I just realized that now I actually have to make something of this blog. XD

I guess the hardest part about trying to write an informational blog is figuring out what to do with it. I don't want to limit myself to just tutorials since honestly I'm making most of it up as I go. I don't want to focus on reviews because I don't have the cash to buy tons of stuff, nor the clout to get free swag from vendors. Finally I don't have the ego (haha) to make a 'ME!' blog...although, it's all about me anyway, isn't it? lol!

Anyway, I hope that those of you who willing to read this are just as willing to help me through my growing pains. I'm truly open to any and all suggestions and comments.

After all, I want you to want me! ;P

Mini progress report: Telma is doing well. I only need to cut out one side collar for her shirt and sew it all up. The apron is being a butt. I tried hand-drafting the design with fabric chalk, but failed miserably because I can't even draw a stick figure straight. When I get a moment at work I'm going to make a pattern from her only decent image. Once I get that painted it's all downhill!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'd like to thank Geek Chic for adding me to their Reviews section. I even have a follower now! Hehe!

*whip cracks in the background*

Woops! That's my inner task-master making me get back to my sewing. :) Hoshi is less than 5 days away and I still have a lot of fabric painting left.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little bit of life

I think my warranty expired. I woke up on 4/3 with a killer backache, probably due to wearing high heels for 8+ hours the day before. I didn't help the situation much over the next few days either because I needed to move things at work and home. Today is the first day where I can move without having to keep from cursing. Yay? Add to it the bruised hip and knee from separate desk collisions, various paper cuts, a snapped rubber band welt, and one staple slice. >_<

This weekend is going to be BUSY. I desperately need to finish Telma for Hoshicon on the 23rd. Man did I get grief from Mom for going to a con Easter Weekend. Never mind that we're not religious...

If I can get it all done this con will mark my return to competitive costuming. Sure it's a 1st year, one day, teeny college con, but that's irrelevant since I know who I'm up against. I also know that the judges know me. Considering I'm usually the one doing the judging they'll expect more from me than others. Damn me and my notoriety!

Aside from that I'm looking forward to going to Charlotte, mainly because I'll get to see friends. If this keeps up I'll be moving to NC to save myself gas!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics Review part 2

This weekend I did a test of Geek Chic's foundation and eye shadows. Since first reactions are the sincerest, here's an excerpt from my email to friend and owner of Gamer Grrlz, Bad Fish/Holly Green:

"The eye shadows are LOVE. I used the 'Are There Any Girls There?' for an all over then 'What's Under The Helmet?' on the lower lid (note: the N7 line hasn't been listed yet, so I was thrilled to get a sample of it). VERY dramatic without looking like a whore. The pigment is so dense that a container would last you forever. They should look into doing pressed pallets since loose powder doesn't always travel well."

See, I have this thing about eyeshadow. I rarely put it on properly and I always tend to set the make-up gun to 11 since I'm either in costume or having to show through my glasses. So to be able to be vibrant without being trashy is awesome. If all of GC's eyes are this good then I'm going to be buying every single one of their colors. No lie. These colors make me want to actually make an effort!

The foundation was another story, however not a bad one. I have a skin tone that changes from 'light' to 'porcelain' very easily. I've used mineral foundation since they first came out, and I keep about 4 different shades on hand. I bought and tested GC's Porcelain with decent results, however my skin was having different ideas. I guess it was having a light/tan day. Ah well.

Overall I was pleased with the foundation's texture. It feel somewhere between a standard mineral foundation and a finishing powder. I hardly felt it on my skin, which is a sign of a well-milled product. I did noticed that it only provided light coverage, however since my skin tone was working against it I really don't see this as a flaw. Additional applications in the right color will correct this. Another coverage option is to mix it with a basic moisturizer and use it as a base (a very similar technique to the tinted body powder from before). It will still sit lightly on your skin will giving you just a wee bit extra coverage.

Last Call! I am still enamored with their makeup, and will get more as finances allow. I'm very pleased with not only their shelf appeal, but their product as well.

Note: This is not a promotional review. I paid for my order out of pocket.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics Review part 1

Geek Chic is a fairly new cottage make-up store out on the West Coast. They make a metric ton of make-up with a geek theme. Not a mere repackaging store, Geek Chic Cosmetics makes all of their own products from scratch, each nerdly named.

I thought I'd go all out and review my sample of Time is Money Friend!. This is honestly what makes this store stand out. TiMF is a full-body powder. Think of green mineral make-up. I was very excited to try this out since I have a Troll costume in the works. Fair warning, not only do I suck at taking good pictures, I also suck at layouts.

(Starting Supplies)

Per the instructions I mixed some of the loose powder with some moisturizer and used it as a base coat. As with any body make-up you need to let it dry. It took a little while since I probably used too much moisturizer. I did a test on both sides of my arm to see how it would look both on my body and my face. The wet-set alone covered incredibly well. It was also felt very light on my skin.

Once everything dried I applied several coats of loose powder using a kabuki face brush. All told I did about 4 applications. Even with all this on my arm it still felt very light. There's no greasy feeling at all, which is amazing.

In the above pictures you can see where I put powder on over my skin as well as over the wet-set. It would be perfect for adding a little ick to a Zombie costume or any time you want to look a little green around the gills.

Finally a shot of the applications outside in direct sunlight. Here you can see a light shimmer that disappears inside.

Review and Impressions: I like this. I like it a lot. While it doesn't have the gold tones shown on the site, it's an easy thing to add. You could add any undertone you want, either by doing a light dusting over the finished set or adding it to the loose powder in the beginning. It feels very smooth on the skin. There's little to no weight at all. It also washed cleanly off with just a little soap and water. The powder is incredibly dense. A little goes a long way!! Even after my patch tests I still had plenty left over. A full package could last you several wearings depending on what all you're covering. Finally, I noticed that the hairs on my arm that were matted down from the wet-set were lifted up by the dry-set, giving the make-up a more natural look...well, as natural as green skin gets.

Possible problems? As with most body paints this will rub off on clothes and hands, so don't wear light colors if you can help it. However the make-up didn't seem to take much damage (this is why I did so many coats!). As long as you're careful it should be ok. I didn't do a sweat test since I'd get a fair amount of odd looks at the gym. Be ready to touch it up as necessary.

Last call! I would buy this product. It's a good deal and holds up to its promises.

Note: This is not a promotional review. I paid for my order out of pocket.

Keep a lookout for my next review of their foundation and eye shadows. ^_^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nashicon March 19 & 20, Columbia SC

This was Nashi's fourth year, my third year attending, and second year as an official guest. I adore this con to pieces and will probably attend well into my 90's (assuming I live that long). Lauren and the staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful. It really is a relaxing con. Super bonus! They gave me an awesome gift basket with goodies galore. I feel like a star!

I did my usual costuming/wig panels (although they're in a terrible need of a tune up). I think I'm going to cut back on what panels I do and trim the fat. I always end up talking about competition costuming and wigs, so I think letting go of 101 is a good idea. Plus it will allow others to do panels. I hate feeling like I'm hogging all the fun.

I didn't take a camera (again) so I have no shots, although I didn't wear anything new so it doesn't matter.

If you have the chance you really need to attend this con. They're still under 1k for attendance (just barely!), so if you like small cons with tons of heart, this is what you're looking for. :)

Next Con: Hoshicon - Charlotte, NC - 4/23
I'll be doing two panels. This also marks my return to competitive costuming.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Roundcon February 18-20, Columbia SC

This was another 'first time' con for me. Previously it has been 100% board games so there was only general passing interest for me. However after some major staff changes they opened up to anime. As we all know, anime was my gateway drug into costuming. Sean was nice enough to let me have five panels as well as run the costume contest. Pretty much from the moment I got there Friday afternoon till I left Sunday morning I was in constant motion.

The con didn't have the usually attendance because it was up against three other major events, but it was still nice. I think adding anime really helped. There were growing pains, but I'm sure next year will be better.

The panels were fun. I had almost the same group of people for each panel.
It made things feel cozy and intimate. I wasn't talking to a room full of people who just sat and stared. Everyone asked questions and made me feel like a super star. lol!

My friend Kim, her hubby, and their friend Fred stayed with Owen and myself. Kim is adorable and I can't wait to work with her more.

I only wore two costumes since I was sick before the con.

All in all it was really nice, and I'm looking forward to next year.

Next con: Nashicon March 19th and 20th - Columbia SC
I'll be doing panels and running/judging the costume contest

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Foam Head Tutorial - DEAD

I decided to cancel this tutorial for several reasons.

1) I needed to use a band saw to cut the wig-head. Using a knife and it was far too difficult. I want to keep my tutorials as crafter-friendly as possible, and using heavy machinery won't make it.
2) Try as I might I couldn't get a clean look. Too many bumps and bits made the adjusted head look like someone had taken a sack of doorknobs to it.
3) There are pre-made alternatives.

With a bit of looking you can easily find a Wig Block. A wig block is nothing more than a canvas or wooden knob roughly the size of a human head. It doesn't have a face like the Styrofoam heads that are everywhere. You only have a general noggin shape. However they come in various sizes so you can easily find what you need. They're sold by the circumference of your head (the tape measure will cover your eyes). I personally am a 23 (fyi, the average Styrofoam head is a 22).

You can find them at most theater/wardrobe supply shops, but it's doubtful you'll find them in the everyday costume shop or Halloween store. Average price is around $40. Make sure you get a canvas wig block since I'm pretty sure nails are a little hard on wigs.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ichibancon January 7-9, Charlotte NC

This was my first time attending Ichi. It was only the second year for the con, but man is it going places!! It had all the growing pains you'd expect (not enough space, too few volunteers), but they tried really hard. It was held at the Marriott Executive Park, which is the same hotel ConCarolinas used to be in before it got too big.

I arrived on Friday with my beau. Reg was very fast (we walked by the table twice without realizing it), and then found our roomies. I didn't take any costumes, something I regretted quickly. It was a very costume friendly con. I wandered a bit and ran into quite a few con friends. One nice thing about hitting as many local cons as possible is that you see the same friendly faces.

Saturday was a MAD HOUSE. There wasn't enough room to breathe much less walk. Considering the economy it was nice to see the con packed even if it was annoying. I stayed in the room with a few of the roomies for most of Saturday night. There wasn't enough room to see the Costume Contest and all the panels were full. It was still a good night though. It always is when you stay with friends. :)

Sunday was another day of running into familiar faces and hitting a few panels. Sundays are always mellow and this was no exception. I wish I could have stayed longer, but with a 4 hour drive and work the next day I wasn't in a position to stay.

All in all I had a good time and plan on returning next year.

Next Con: Roundcon - February 18-20, Columbia, SC. I'll be doing panels as well as running the costume contest.

Changes for the New Year

This would have been better if I had posted it sooner. Ah well!

I've been in an organizing frenzy. Hopefully it will all come to a head this weekend. I have storage tubs ready to go, boxes filled with goodwill donations, and more bags of garbage than I care to think about.

I've also done some trimming with the articles and tutorials I've been trying to write. A few have become more trouble than their worth, specifically the foam head tutorial.

Anyway, I'm going to make every attempt to post as much as possible. :)