Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Business Cards!

First, a big hello to my two new followers! *waves*

I'm in utter shock at just how much net attention my little Portal cross-stitch has gotten. Nearly 3,000 page views! It's very exciting. As you can tell it doesn't take much to get me chirpy! lol!

Anyway, the whole point of the post. I ordered some new business cards today. With Dragoncon right around the corner I need something professional to give out. After my last post about working the MMO track I was asked to co-run the costume contest. I'm excited but a little scared. It takes me from being a big fish in a little fandom pond to a teeny-tiny fish in a MASSIVE OCEAN OF NERDITY. It's all about baby steps, right?

So there they are! I love the fact that they clearly scream "costuming!" without being childish or beating you over the head with the idea. Sweet and to the point. :) I should have them by the end of the month. It's only taking so long because I'm cheap! I'm planning on getting a cloth banner with the upper design later for my local contests. While this isn't an image only I can use, I'd like to think that few people will find it in the bowels of the internet like I did. *crosses fingers*