Monday, November 21, 2011

Nashicon Picnic

The peeps at Nashi had a little picnic on Saturday. Originally I was going to wear Umbridge, but after finding out it was going to be cold (and it's a four-hour round-trip) I decided to just wear something comfortable. However once I got there not only was it GORGEOUS but there was a Griffondor in attendance. Moment lost. :( Ah well, it was still very much fun, and all the muffins I made wear eaten.

After the picnic we (Owen, Anna, myself) hit up Mellow Mushroom for pizza. The wait was worth it as the pizza was delicious, even after Owen knocked some of it over. *sigh*

I've started working on my costumes for Ichi, although I think I'm going to push back one of them. Three is a bit much considering I'm making most of my gifts this year. Speaking of, I'll be sweat-shopping it this weekend. Glad I have a comfortable sewing chair now....

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