Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dragoncon 2011 - In Review

I worked half a day, then headed home around noon to load up and roll out for Gail's place. The trip was mainly uneventful till I hit I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta. There was a big enough wreck that the police blocked off the interstate entirely and sent everyone on a massive detour. I felt bad for Wendy because she kept trying to call me when I had no service. I didn't help my sending texts about guys with banjos and bad teeth.

Gail and I headed to the Westin around 10:30. Check-in was easy as pie. We had two rooms. They were next to each other, but sadly we only had a king and one roll-away bed in each with . Yay air mattresses! I went to my staff meeting at 1, then joined up with the roomies for dinner at Ted's Montana. SO DELICIOUS. I had bison for the first time. :) I'm so glad my roomies and I do a dinner together every year. I have the best bunch of people!

I chilled at bit then went down to the Sheraton for my shift. First up was Guild Q&A, then working door for two smaller panels. Then back to the hotel for a small nap. Tohma texted a plea for help so I headed down to the Marriott with money for food. She and Angela were stuck in judging for the Costume Contest and they were starving. Morgan to the rescue! Bonus: I was able to be their handler so I got to go back stage and chill with the other contestants.

BUSY! First was the parade with Kim and Mitch, then a quick shower/nap, followed by a minor costume change. I wore a 3/4th Telma for the WoW Costume Contest and Darkmoon Faire. Both were incredibly fun, although there are many planning changes needed for the future. After the Faire was over I went to the Marriott for the 501st meeting with Kim, Mary, and Jada. I passed on the drinks though since I honestly couldn't remember if/what I had eaten that day. O_O I hopped in a cab to go back to the Westin because 1) it was late and 2) my feet were burning. *sigh*

This was the day I had the most free time, but the least energy. I didn't get out of the room till 1pm! I hit the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley, but that was about it. I found my roomie Wendy in costume and we chatted for a bit till I saw Tohma milling around. Her eye was hurting her and needed a little help. We ate lunch in a dark corner, then I helped her to find some of her other friends since our paths were splitting. I went back to the room for a nap since I was working a party from 8pm to 4am. SLEEP!

Monday: Aside from the massive amounts of awesome mentioned a few posts down, it was a fairly mellow final day. The weather was cloudy and spitting rain all morning. After a final track meeting I started back to Charleston around 5pm. Apparently there was a tropical storm moving through so there was lots of rain and nasty traffic to fight. All told I got home around 10pm. A five hour trip from ATL isn't too shabby. By midnight I was back sleeping in my own bed dreaming about what next year would be like. :)

All in all a FANTASTIC con. I really liked working the MMO track and I hope I can return to them next year. I know I've said that I want to make D*C an every-other-year event, but I honestly don't think I can. I love the con far too much to be gone for long.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I never in a million years expected the flood of visitors to my tiny little blog. To everyone who's stopped by, and to my new followers, thank you! I adore all the comments I've gotten!

I sincerely hope that think sticking around is worth your time. ^_^

Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Trek and Carrot Jockeys

I'm going to skip a TON of details because I was to get to the awesome that was my day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just keep reading to get to the good stuff. I'll explain later.

Today was the last day of Dragoncon. After checking out of my hotel I headed to the Sheraton where Wil Wheaton was doing a panel about his time on ST:TNG. It was FANTASTIC. He was hilarious as always. After 30 minutes there was a Q&A. I asked a silly question, and at the end I did a quick shout out to Jen from because I knew she'd be there. Not only was she there, but Wil mimicked my hello to her, which I'm sure make her turn beet red as she's a bigger fan of his then I am. :) It had the added benefit of letting me know where in the audience she was sitting. Luckily it was on my way back to my seat. After a quick fangirl moment she offered me her last Carrot Jockey necklace, which I accepted with glee. I put it on as soon as I got back to my chair.

After the panel I headed to another hotel for the Walk of Fame. I wanted to get Wil's autograph before I left the convention. As fate would have it Brent Spiner was doing his signings just across from Wil. I dashed over to get his picture for my collection. As he was signing he commented on my Carrot Jockey necklace. Here's our abridged conversation.

BS: What's that? It looks cool.
Me: It's a Carrot Jockey from Cakewrecks.
BS: I know that site. I like it. I need to get one of those.
Me: I don't think she sells them. Would you like mine?
BS: No, I don't want to take it if you can't replace it.
Me: It's ok! I'm just thrilled you like it, and I know the site owner would be just as happy that you wanted one.
BS: Ok, thanks.

Now I could be making this up, except I have PROOF!!

(btw he was talking when I took the picture. he was quiet happy the entire time I swear!)

I got a fist-bump from him, then headed back to my spot in Wil's line with the world's biggest smile on my face. While I lost my prized CJ necklace (you have no idea how long I've wanted one!!), I also gained a moment that will stay with me forever. Wil Wheaton is hilarious, but Brent likes Carrot Jockeys.

The End. ^_^