Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry I've been a ghost

With all my commissions, personal appearances, convention prep, press releases, and photo shoots I've just been so busy!!



lol j/k!! I'm a lazy so-n-so. My bf turned me on to Persona 3 and I've been playing the hell out of it. 130 hours and counting! Sure it does nothing for my e-peen, but I'm betting my 360 is happy to have a break.

I will be going to the HP7 release tonight in costume, which I'm looking forward to. I'll be wearing Umbridge for the second-to-last time (the last being the Dragoncon parade in Sept). I should be sad to see her retired, but that wool cloak is MURDER!

Before I go, please send some super-awesome net love to my bff Erin. She's going in for surgery tomorrow. It's minor, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve happy thoughts from complete strangers. :)

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