Monday, January 7, 2013

Ichibancon 2013 - Charlotte NC

(note: this was originally posted in my Live Journal. sorry for all the personal comments!)

Ichibancon was held in Charlotte again this year (although rumors have it going to Concord next year). It's actually over two weekends with the second coming up on the 11th, but finances and desire kept me to the first weekend only.

I headed up with Owen on Thursday and stayed with Tohma, Ally, Laura, and *memory blank*. It was a suite so there was plenty of space for all of us and our assorted costumes. Thankfully Owen and I scored bed space. :) Thursday night and Friday morning was very relaxed and fun. I hung out with my buds. Friday I got a special surprise from my bestie Kim. She made me a HUGE Pinkie Pie plush for Christmas. SQUEE! I'll post pics on my Facebook. I adore both Kim and my Pinkie to pieces! <3

The con started late afternoon on Friday. There were only a few I was really down for and aside from the Prosthetics and Sailor Moon ones they were a bust. No one showed for the Tamago making panel, and I had some douchebaggery at another. Ah well. The good ones were AMAZING so it's no real loss. Mina's SM panel was fun, but next year we're going to 18+ because Brittany and I couldn't stop being pervs. lol! Kelly's panel was fun as always. Hopefully next time I can help out more then just bringing candy. ^_^ The Prosthetics panel was superior and I'm a little sad I won't get to see the second half.

For the Friday night panels I did a costume quick-change that I'm pretty proud of. I got into Myu Jupiter for the SM panel (wig malfunctions everywhere!) then raced upstairs to change into Telma. I did a quick photoshoot with Kim which turned out well considering it was very spur of the moment. After that it was maxing and relaxing up in the room.

Saturday was mellow then crazy then mellow. I helped Tohma out by watching her dealer's table while she did the Costume Contest. It was kind of cool in an odd way. It also made me wish I owned a Kindle. lol! I'm very jealous over Laura's jewelry making skills. She does chain mail and it's beautiful. I'd compliment Tohma (and my badass custom Jupiter towels) but she already knows she kicks ass.

That night I got a sweet present from my cousin Angela. She got me a very nice set of travel makeup brushes which I've already used. Later we all headed downstairs for some Cards Against Humanity and drinks, otherwise known as Boozy Cards. We didn't play too long I think? Well...maybe we did. We started around 11pm and I think I went to bed around 1am. Either way it was hella fun. While we were there I passed out some Fun Shit (aka candy and mini Christmas toys) and gave Matt a One Direction toothbrush set. Insert dirty jokes here. XD

Sunday was rather quiet. Owen and I packed up, said our good-byes, and left a little after noon. By 4pm we were home and resting.

While it wasn't 'omgbestestEVAR' it was still incredibly more fun then the last Ichiban. I'm fairly sure I'll go again next year, but it will take a while to get the bad taste from years' past out of my mouth.