Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dragoncon 2011 - In Review

I worked half a day, then headed home around noon to load up and roll out for Gail's place. The trip was mainly uneventful till I hit I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta. There was a big enough wreck that the police blocked off the interstate entirely and sent everyone on a massive detour. I felt bad for Wendy because she kept trying to call me when I had no service. I didn't help my sending texts about guys with banjos and bad teeth.

Gail and I headed to the Westin around 10:30. Check-in was easy as pie. We had two rooms. They were next to each other, but sadly we only had a king and one roll-away bed in each with . Yay air mattresses! I went to my staff meeting at 1, then joined up with the roomies for dinner at Ted's Montana. SO DELICIOUS. I had bison for the first time. :) I'm so glad my roomies and I do a dinner together every year. I have the best bunch of people!

I chilled at bit then went down to the Sheraton for my shift. First up was Guild Q&A, then working door for two smaller panels. Then back to the hotel for a small nap. Tohma texted a plea for help so I headed down to the Marriott with money for food. She and Angela were stuck in judging for the Costume Contest and they were starving. Morgan to the rescue! Bonus: I was able to be their handler so I got to go back stage and chill with the other contestants.

BUSY! First was the parade with Kim and Mitch, then a quick shower/nap, followed by a minor costume change. I wore a 3/4th Telma for the WoW Costume Contest and Darkmoon Faire. Both were incredibly fun, although there are many planning changes needed for the future. After the Faire was over I went to the Marriott for the 501st meeting with Kim, Mary, and Jada. I passed on the drinks though since I honestly couldn't remember if/what I had eaten that day. O_O I hopped in a cab to go back to the Westin because 1) it was late and 2) my feet were burning. *sigh*

This was the day I had the most free time, but the least energy. I didn't get out of the room till 1pm! I hit the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley, but that was about it. I found my roomie Wendy in costume and we chatted for a bit till I saw Tohma milling around. Her eye was hurting her and needed a little help. We ate lunch in a dark corner, then I helped her to find some of her other friends since our paths were splitting. I went back to the room for a nap since I was working a party from 8pm to 4am. SLEEP!

Monday: Aside from the massive amounts of awesome mentioned a few posts down, it was a fairly mellow final day. The weather was cloudy and spitting rain all morning. After a final track meeting I started back to Charleston around 5pm. Apparently there was a tropical storm moving through so there was lots of rain and nasty traffic to fight. All told I got home around 10pm. A five hour trip from ATL isn't too shabby. By midnight I was back sleeping in my own bed dreaming about what next year would be like. :)

All in all a FANTASTIC con. I really liked working the MMO track and I hope I can return to them next year. I know I've said that I want to make D*C an every-other-year event, but I honestly don't think I can. I love the con far too much to be gone for long.

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