Tuesday, April 30, 2013

(Maybe not so) Obvious Tip #2

Need to wash that pesky corset? Cover the stained/discolored spots with a baking soda paste, then wash it down with vinegar for some hot bubbly action. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub, then hand wash it thoroughly. Use an old towel to absorb water but don't ring or squeeze the corset. (thanks to Starlit Creations for reminding me about this tip)

Now hang that baby up. My preferred method is to use the same hooks you use to hang up your shower curtain. Metal is fine so long as there's no rust on them, otherwise use plastic. Put one through the last grommet on the top and bottom of each side of your corset (assuming you took off the lacing)*, then hook over the shower bar. Remember to move the bar back a little bit so the water doesn't drip on to the floor. Unless you have a crazy thick fabric it should be dry overnight.

*Personally I replace the lacing/cording every time I wash my corsets. However I also wear a corset sock so mine don't get dirty too quickly. What's a corset sock? Basically it's a cotton tube that you put on before your corset to absorb sweat and make the corset a little more comfortable. If you don't have the time to make one or the money to buy one, just get a tight fitting cotton tank top. Put it on, then your corset, then cut off the shoulder parts that stick up (or don't if something will be covering up that bit).

Miss Klingon Empire 2013 and Trek Trax Atlanta

Reposted from Livejournal

This past Saturday (4/20) I packed up my car and headed to Atlanta. My main purpose was to compete for the first time in the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant (MKE), however it had the supreme added benefit of letting me see some of my good Trek friends.

About 2 hours out of ATL I started getting nervous. Very nervous. I knew it had to do with MKE since I had put a lot of work into my performance, but it's not like I've never entered a contest before. I tried to ignore it with music, which helped.

I got to the hotel around 1. After a quick check-in Theresa (my roomie and all around awesome lady) found me and helped me schlep my stuff upstairs, then it was off to panels and all around fun.

I started getting ready around 5, which was quite early since the contest didn't start till 8:30. However I get hot easily so I wanted to give myself time to prep and cool down before I hit the main floor. At around 7:30 I slipped on my heels, tried to fight my nerves, and headed down. Immediately I was getting compliments, which gave me warm fuzzies. I knew that Kligons in fancy dresses was a rare sight, but it was still nice. I saw Eric, head of the con and emcee, so I said he. He mentioned that what I was doing was what he had always hoped a woman would do. I was SO GLAD to hear that because my biggest concern (other than my talent) was if my costume would be acceptable to enter the contest with since I'd never seen anyone else in fancy dress. Note: Even though Eric is the top nut, he in no way influences the judges. In fact the only time I saw him talk to them was when they gave him their decision.

While I was milling I saw Theresa, who had a shot of honey rum for me. Girl knows what helps! :D I also saw Keela, who was wearing her crown as last year's MKE Queen. She gave me a hug and rooted me on. I'm hereby stating that hugging the previous winner is clearly good luck!

A little before 8:30 I took my seat by the stage with another contestant and waited. Waiting while nervous is BAD. I'm glad I had water with me because I was starting to get acid burps. I tried to read over my recitation for the talent portion (a Klingon-ized version of Henry V's 'Once More Into The Breech'). The other contestant was incredibly sweet and talked me down a little. We also traded boyfriend stories, which was really cute. Finally the last 3 women showed. Omg did they SHOW! They were equally very pretty and very Klingon.

I'm skipping a full breakdown because I'm fairly sure a video will be popping up on youtube soon.

All in all every lady did a bang-up job. The audience ate up every moment and it was clear that they loved what they saw. The best part was the catfights. I can think of at least two times we all got on stage and hissed at each other. Not going to lie, it was hot. There was one moment though where one of the ladies nearly knocked my wig off. XD

Finally the time came to pick the winner. It all happened so quickly I don't think I really registered that I'd won till I was mock-fighting again. lol! I was, and still am, incredibly honored to be chosen. Ever since I found out about MKE seven years ago I've wanted to compete. In fact I came up with the idea for my costume nearly a year ago (although I didn't start working on it till January). To say I've been lusting after the crown would be an understatement...

Now I need to start plotting for Miss Star Trek Universe...