Monday, April 11, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics Review part 2

This weekend I did a test of Geek Chic's foundation and eye shadows. Since first reactions are the sincerest, here's an excerpt from my email to friend and owner of Gamer Grrlz, Bad Fish/Holly Green:

"The eye shadows are LOVE. I used the 'Are There Any Girls There?' for an all over then 'What's Under The Helmet?' on the lower lid (note: the N7 line hasn't been listed yet, so I was thrilled to get a sample of it). VERY dramatic without looking like a whore. The pigment is so dense that a container would last you forever. They should look into doing pressed pallets since loose powder doesn't always travel well."

See, I have this thing about eyeshadow. I rarely put it on properly and I always tend to set the make-up gun to 11 since I'm either in costume or having to show through my glasses. So to be able to be vibrant without being trashy is awesome. If all of GC's eyes are this good then I'm going to be buying every single one of their colors. No lie. These colors make me want to actually make an effort!

The foundation was another story, however not a bad one. I have a skin tone that changes from 'light' to 'porcelain' very easily. I've used mineral foundation since they first came out, and I keep about 4 different shades on hand. I bought and tested GC's Porcelain with decent results, however my skin was having different ideas. I guess it was having a light/tan day. Ah well.

Overall I was pleased with the foundation's texture. It feel somewhere between a standard mineral foundation and a finishing powder. I hardly felt it on my skin, which is a sign of a well-milled product. I did noticed that it only provided light coverage, however since my skin tone was working against it I really don't see this as a flaw. Additional applications in the right color will correct this. Another coverage option is to mix it with a basic moisturizer and use it as a base (a very similar technique to the tinted body powder from before). It will still sit lightly on your skin will giving you just a wee bit extra coverage.

Last Call! I am still enamored with their makeup, and will get more as finances allow. I'm very pleased with not only their shelf appeal, but their product as well.

Note: This is not a promotional review. I paid for my order out of pocket.

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