Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wee Shopping!!

I'm hitting Hancock Fabrics tonight after work. I won't let myself stray off my work list...and if you believe that I have some beach-front properly in Arizona for sale.

Anyhoo, they're having their anniversary sale till tomorrow. I'm amazed I resisted for a whole month. ;P

Monday, September 27, 2010

Planned tutorials

Hi folks...oh wait, no one's reading this yet. Ha! So I guess this list is more for myself. That's fine. I like making lists! *points to previous post* See?

Anyway, planned tutorials!

Resizing a Foam Head to match your own noggin
Fitting a wig to a foam head for fun and profit
Styling a wig - basic
Styling a wig - making and adding wefts
Styling a wig - making it purty

See where I'm going with this? Yes! I'm going to do a string of tutorials about wigs!! I have my order on its way from Cosworx. I should have my new babies by Friday with luck. Ah my pretties! Plus they were 40% off. I do love a bargain.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Planned projects

I'm trying to keep my list short for 2011. It always seems like I have last-minute add-ons, then I end up being unable to finish what I already had planned.

Lily McGuire from Fatal Fury
Telma from Zelda - Twilight Princess
Fallout 3 character
Splicer from Bioshock
Swedish Chef
Generic Klingon female from Star Trek. No link necessary because everyone should know and fear Klingons!!

The Festival of Hari-kuyo

Hari-kuyo is a Japanese event held every February 8th. Its purpose is to thank all the needles and pins that have broken over the past year. They're brought to the local Buddhist temple, placed in a giant block of tofu (or other soft food), and purified.

It's this day that I took my blog title from. There's something very respectful about the act of thanking a broken needle for what its done for you.

Over the coming months, and hopefully years, I'll be posting about my current projects, tutorials, and random babbling about my crafty world in general. Please to enjoy.