Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics Review part 1

Geek Chic is a fairly new cottage make-up store out on the West Coast. They make a metric ton of make-up with a geek theme. Not a mere repackaging store, Geek Chic Cosmetics makes all of their own products from scratch, each nerdly named.

I thought I'd go all out and review my sample of Time is Money Friend!. This is honestly what makes this store stand out. TiMF is a full-body powder. Think of green mineral make-up. I was very excited to try this out since I have a Troll costume in the works. Fair warning, not only do I suck at taking good pictures, I also suck at layouts.

(Starting Supplies)

Per the instructions I mixed some of the loose powder with some moisturizer and used it as a base coat. As with any body make-up you need to let it dry. It took a little while since I probably used too much moisturizer. I did a test on both sides of my arm to see how it would look both on my body and my face. The wet-set alone covered incredibly well. It was also felt very light on my skin.

Once everything dried I applied several coats of loose powder using a kabuki face brush. All told I did about 4 applications. Even with all this on my arm it still felt very light. There's no greasy feeling at all, which is amazing.

In the above pictures you can see where I put powder on over my skin as well as over the wet-set. It would be perfect for adding a little ick to a Zombie costume or any time you want to look a little green around the gills.

Finally a shot of the applications outside in direct sunlight. Here you can see a light shimmer that disappears inside.

Review and Impressions: I like this. I like it a lot. While it doesn't have the gold tones shown on the site, it's an easy thing to add. You could add any undertone you want, either by doing a light dusting over the finished set or adding it to the loose powder in the beginning. It feels very smooth on the skin. There's little to no weight at all. It also washed cleanly off with just a little soap and water. The powder is incredibly dense. A little goes a long way!! Even after my patch tests I still had plenty left over. A full package could last you several wearings depending on what all you're covering. Finally, I noticed that the hairs on my arm that were matted down from the wet-set were lifted up by the dry-set, giving the make-up a more natural look...well, as natural as green skin gets.

Possible problems? As with most body paints this will rub off on clothes and hands, so don't wear light colors if you can help it. However the make-up didn't seem to take much damage (this is why I did so many coats!). As long as you're careful it should be ok. I didn't do a sweat test since I'd get a fair amount of odd looks at the gym. Be ready to touch it up as necessary.

Last call! I would buy this product. It's a good deal and holds up to its promises.

Note: This is not a promotional review. I paid for my order out of pocket.

Keep a lookout for my next review of their foundation and eye shadows. ^_^

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