Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nashicon March 19 & 20, Columbia SC

This was Nashi's fourth year, my third year attending, and second year as an official guest. I adore this con to pieces and will probably attend well into my 90's (assuming I live that long). Lauren and the staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful. It really is a relaxing con. Super bonus! They gave me an awesome gift basket with goodies galore. I feel like a star!

I did my usual costuming/wig panels (although they're in a terrible need of a tune up). I think I'm going to cut back on what panels I do and trim the fat. I always end up talking about competition costuming and wigs, so I think letting go of 101 is a good idea. Plus it will allow others to do panels. I hate feeling like I'm hogging all the fun.

I didn't take a camera (again) so I have no shots, although I didn't wear anything new so it doesn't matter.

If you have the chance you really need to attend this con. They're still under 1k for attendance (just barely!), so if you like small cons with tons of heart, this is what you're looking for. :)

Next Con: Hoshicon - Charlotte, NC - 4/23
I'll be doing two panels. This also marks my return to competitive costuming.

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