Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Costuming and the busted ego

If you follow me on Livejournal then please ignore this post. It's part rehash, part 'ah ha!'.

Believe it or not I have low self-esteem when it comes to my body image. Yes yes, I know you've heard this from everyone. What's interesting though is that I only have this problem when I'm in costume. Otherwise I'm fairly confident. I suppose it's because I HATE they way I look in pictures, and you kinda get your picture taken a lot when wearing something unusual. I never feel like I can pull off a good looking piece because I wear a size 28. No bueno.

I'm already taking steps to fix this, both physically and mentally. In the mean time, since repairs can take forever, I've decided to live it up with my Big Beautiful Body and make some fattie costumes. Please note: I use the term fattie as such: take an insult, claim it, OWN IT!

Costume #1 - For my shape as I am now.

Ms. Endive from Chowder

And no, I don't think I look this bad...all the time...just after waking up Sunday morning after a hard con. Although I do the 'I hate you look' really well! ;) This is a fairly simple costume, aside from the nose and the apparent lack of RMG makeup in burnt orange (yay prosthetics). Even better is that when I lose weight I can make a fat suit from my old clothes, thus making this a rewearable costume. 

Costume #2 - Down a fair bit
Tracy's roach dress from Hairspray

For some reason there's only two pictures of this dress on the web. Weird! Anyway, here she is in all of her revenge-getting glory. This was suggested my by good friend Wendy and the more I look at it the more I love it! 

Costume #3 - The final Fattie 
Clara from The Guild

Big Boobs, wands, and I look pretty damn good in blue. This is pretty much my goal weight costume (est 14/16). 

I welcome thoughts and suggestions!


  1. Yes to Hairspray! I loved watching that movie when I was a kid. I tried ironing my hair because of Tracy! XD (with Mom's help, of course)

    1. I don't know if I'll go that far, but it will be an interesting one to make. Plus is has really good resale value. :D

  2. I've also been looking at bigger characters to play until I lose weight. I thought of Rita Repulsa, Velma from Scooby Doo, Rumi from Perfect Blue, Miss Piggy since the muppet movie just came out (is that bad?) and Bai Ya Shan from Crying Freeman. She is a badass and I have never seen anyone try to cosplay her.
    I really want to do She-Ra as a big girl. I don't see that character as being a skinny chick.
    Anyway, you are awesome and you look great in every costume I've seen you wear!

    1. That's who she is! I saw a shot of her in an AMVHell video and couldn't figure out what anime she was from. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could get a bunch of us dressed as her at the same con? Scary awesome.

      I really like your choices. Rita and Velma are obvious cross-genre favorites. Rumi is a great choice (I love the scene when she's chasing Mima). Miss Piggy is tough one. Which version to choose? Personally I'd do Pigs in Space.

      If you made some small costume mods She-Ra would look fantastic on one of us! If you do it please send me pics!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. :) I bet soon we'll both make some kick-ass creations.

    2. Correction, kick-ass costume creations. You're already well into the fantastic crafts. ;)