Sunday, October 3, 2010

A prep weekend

Almost all the prep for the costumes bits I need to do this month are done. I picked up three foam heads for my new wigs that come in tomorrow. I got lucky and found some nice crispy burnt-orange fabric for my Klingon shirt. All that's left is to make a new customized head for my wig mods and buy some black canvas for my gauntlets. Easy enough. :)

I really wish I had a sewing room. Just sewing. No sharing with storage, or a guest room, or anything else. Just sewing and crafting. I feel like I always have to fit my life into a space instead of having the space for my life. Ideally I'd like to move from my tiny apartment to a three bedroom sometimes. House/Condo/whatever. That would make one bedroom for myself and my mate of choice, a guestroom/fandom space, and a beautiful room for myself. Someday...

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