Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little life...

I would have been making this post on Monday, however I slipped on the stairs and now have a few broken toes, bruises, and sprains. Wee!!

Anyway, now that I'm back at work I was able to get my wigs. I picked up a few discontinued pieces from I guess the prices were too good (40% off) because they put them at 20% after their stock began to disappear. In any economy nearly half off high quality wigs in party colors is a guaranteed winner.

I'm a little sad that they're changing their line. It's obvious that they've switched vendors. I'll miss the 'style ready' selection. The stuff they have now looks like it isn't meant to be messed with. A lot of the cuts are very sharp. I don't think I'm making sense...It's like going from a blank canvas to a ready-to-frame print. Sure the ready-made is nice, but there's no creativity behind it. I have no doubt about the quality, I just think they'll be too hard to work with esthetically speaking. Technically though, the new line will be MUCH easier to style. You can even take a curling iron to them. I guess that makes me a crabby old person. "Why, back in my day you had to use a blow dryer on low for HOURS!!"

tl:dr Unless your looking for a wig in the exact shade and exact style, you might be screwed.

Yeah, I'm bitching for no reason. Sorry. ^_^

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