Monday, November 25, 2013

And now for something completely different

Sooooo apparently I haven't posted since April. I won't give any lame excuses (school) or make any promises for future posts (lol lie), but I do feel guilty that I haven't done more with this space. I think by making this a Crafting Only blog I've limited myself. Surprisingly I do like other things. Video games, classic movies, decorating cakes, etc. I don't plan on changing the name because it took me FOREVER to find one that I liked. However there's nothing wrong with a little diversity, right?

Future Posting Plans!! (told you I'd lie)
A Month of *blank*
Over the weekend I watched a very interesting documentary on the National Film Registry. It talked about how it came into being and how the 25 films a year that they've been saving get picked. It's really interesting if you're a fan of the silver screen. One point they make is that they try to not only chose movies that have lasting value (The Godfather, Superman, Fargo), but also are significant in their own way (Zapruder film, Popeye the Sailor, The Negro Soldier). After looking through the list I realized that while I knew of many of the films I had seen only a small few. It was a shock since I consider myself reasonably well viewed. So in order to improve my own noggin as well as my own blog (and therefore you!) I'm going to review several pieces a month. I'm going to attempt to stick to a theme and I will put the super star films last, if at all. So you'll see things like The Bank Dick instead of Gone With The Wind. I want to get a rolling start on writing so this won't begin until January so I can get a backlog going.

PS, if you're a fan of 'behind the scenes' documentaries like I am, you'd enjoy This Film is not Yet Rated. It's a peek into the American rating system and why it's a giant pile of steaming poop. Poop I say!

A Piece of Cake
It won't always be cakes, but I have a butt-ton of Wilton products going to waste. Might as well put them to good use! It won't always be cakes, but so long as I do something creative then there's no harm (well except to my waist line). Also? Don't expect a masterpiece. I kind of suck at this, but practice makes perfect. I also plan on throwing in my cheating tips to make box mixes taste like they're from scratch (cheat on the cake but never on the icing!)

I'm sure I'll think of some other terrific idea that I won't follow through on, because that's how I roll. ^_^

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